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"Learn How to Resell Jewelry, Earn Thousands of Dollars each Month Right from YOUR own Home!"

 "Resell Jewelry at Shows, to YOUR Friends, Family and Colleagues"

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In my ten year career in the jewelry industry I've been asked thousands of times how to resell jewelry and my reply has always been the same, direct to consumers and the internet are easy ways of creating a full time jewelry business.

Let's start with your friends and family first, because they already know you as an honest person, right!  So, you start by opening up a business email account (like the one I offer to my resellers for FREE) this will help you to:

  • Market through email 
  • Build a solid customer base
  • Build an email list for future sales
  • Help build credibility
  • Establish a newsletter

Then find a reputable wholesale sterling silver jewelry company that you can order jewelry from, so you can sell direct to your family, friends and colleagues for a profit.  This is known as direct sales, because your physically selling your jewelry products direct to the customer and is an easier way of building a customer base than other sales channels....

.....Make sure to collect emails from every person interested in your jewelry especially the ones who have ordered from you previously, they will turn out to be your best customers.  This can be done by having your customers sign a Join My Email List book with their signature approving any emails sent to them or with an opt-in form.

An opt-in form is a form that is placed on your web site that has a compelling offer like a FREE newsletter, FREE software download basically any promotion to get the visitor at your web site to opt-in to your form so you can market to them through email.  This is a must for any serious jewelry reseller or internet marketer.   

Please, make sure that any email you send is by permission from that lead or customer.  If you email someone without permission it is considered spam and you can be tagged as a spammer and be fined and prosecuted by ICANN the email police as I refer to them.

When collecting emails in person have your customers or leads give you their first and last name, email address and a signature approving any emails sent to them in case you need to prove that you had the customers permission. 

The same goes for the opt-in form, first and last name, email address and email any lead notifying them that they just signed up for your promotional emails.  If you can automate this process and to make sure you have a clean email list create a double opt-in form if you want.

Now that you have the basics of how to resell jewelry it's time for the real jewelry marketing to begin.

*Develop a web site first, so you can portray your organization as a trust worthy, credible company in the eyes of your customers if you don't already have one.  If you don't already have a web site with state of the art software I offer my jewelry resellers the latest marketing tools and web site software at Reseller Program with all the inventory and links which is designed to save you thousands of dollars and hours of development time*

Once you have your web site it's time to integrate the real world with the virtual world and resell jewelry at shows and over the internet, this is called integrated marketing.  Remember the email list you created when you fist started to resell jewelry to your friends, family and colleagues to test out the waters?  Now, is a great time to email everyone on your list asking them to host a jewelry party at home for a commission or FREE jewelry. 

Once you have booked these jewelry parties to resell jewelry you will need the following:
  1. A small jewelry display if you can't afford to display lot's of jewelry
  2. Wireless notebook computer for placing customer orders & entering emails in to your opt-in form
  3. A gate way for accepting credit cards in person or online, this will increase your sales by 50% or more
  4. Ring sizer and finger sizer for measuring rings and fingers
  5. Gift boxes and bags
  6. Business cards
  7. Table clothes
  8. And, displays for your jewelry to rest on for a more professional appearance
Make sure you arrive with enough time to set-up your displays.

You should always dress to impress, meaning you wear nice clothing, necktie, nice shirt and slacks for men.....  .

....Women, the same applies to you , nice dress or slacks and always wear the jewelry YOU are marketing.  If your modeling the nicest pieces in your collection the chances of you selling those pieces increase, as well.

*I can't stress this anymore, make sure when you're at these jewelry parties you collect everyone's contact information (email address, first and last names) because most of your sales will come from email marketing, where you can create and maintain a relationship with your customer base*

Here are a couple more ways to resell jewelry:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO and PPC marketing
  • Integrated marketing
  • Trade shows and consumer shows
  • Joint ventures
  • Link strategies
There are so many ways how to resell jewelry through direct sales and internet sales it's incredible, leave it to your imagination and I'm sure you'll dream up way's to resell jewelry and related products that will make your head spin, all from the comforts of your own home.

If you're interested in starting or expanding an existing business or would like to form a marketing alliance with my company click here: contact us  
Jewelry reseller programs and affiliate programs are fantastic ways to start-up or expand your business.
 Or call (800) 217-8609 and ask for Norbert. 
To Your Success,
Norbert Style



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